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Marketing Automation

Create a competitive advantage! Utilizing cutting-edge technologies like Marketing Automation and Customer Data Platforms (CDP), we turn technology from a cost into a revenue driver.

Marketing Automation

Nowadays, technology is indispensable at every level of marketing, from brand and product development to customer touchpoints, campaigns, and analytics. Let our experts assist you in the evolution of your marketing technology. Marketing automation simplifies the management and execution of marketing processes and campaigns. We aid you in selecting, implementing, developing, and enhancing your Marketing Technology Software to achieve business success.

Are you looking for Marketing Technology or CDP?

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Intelligent Automation

In simple terms, we harness the power of data, marketing automation, and other marketing technology solutions such as Salesforce and Zoho to optimize your marketing efforts. This not only increases your return on investment but also enhances your customer experience. After a thorough analysis of your needs, we select and implement the most suitable solutions, whether they involve existing platforms or new initiatives.

Our team specializes in selecting and managing Marketing Technology.
Our services include:

Marketing Technology Audit

Are you wondering if your current marketing automation tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Hubspot or Adobe Campaign are effective? . Do you think you are not getting the right return from your current functionality? In a few days, we will evaluate your current technologies and provide a roadmap for the future. .

Software Selection Consultation

We assist you throughout the entire process of choosing marketing technology, including handling RFPs (Request for Proposals). Our approach is custom-tailored to address the unique needs and challenges of your business. As independent advisors, we are driven by your company’s interests, always emphasizing value creation. Our recommendations are aimed at solutions that can truly make a difference for your organization.

Security and Compliance

Is your email considered as SPAM? Experiencing challenges with Marketing Consent Management? Unsure if your implementation fully aligns with GDPR regulations? Interested in implementing DMARC? Or perhaps you want to conduct a security assessment for added assurance? We provide assistance with the security, deliverability, and privacy concerns of your marketing department. Our solutions are tailor-made to mitigate these challenges, no matter the scale.

Implementation & Management of Marketing Technology

Successful implementation of marketing technology requires seamless integration. We ensure the proper configuration of your software, ensuring it aligns seamlessly with your business requirements and seamlessly integrates with both your front-end and backend systems.

We can take over the complete management of your Marketing Technology Stack, including data provisioning for various departments, training and support for your marketing team, and monitoring the integrity of your marketing technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Zoho Marketing Plus contribute to my Marketing Automation strategy compared to Salesforce Marketing Cloud?2023-11-20T16:15:17+01:00

Zoho Marketing Plus offers a wide range of marketing automation tools similar to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Selecting the right tool depends on your specific business needs and budget.

Is a CDP integration possible with Salesforce Marketing Cloud for better data-driven marketing?2023-11-20T16:15:49+01:00

Yes, a CDP can be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Salesforce Marketing Cloud can leverage a CDP’s centralized data to create personalized marketing campaigns, improve customer segmentation and increase the overall ROI of your marketing efforts.

What is the difference between CDP and Marketing Automation tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud?2023-10-27T11:51:12+01:00

CDP (Customer Data Platform) specializes in centralizing customer data from various sources, while tools such as Salesforce Marketing Cloud focus on automating marketing activities with this data.

What is a CDP?2023-10-27T11:50:53+01:00

A CDP, or Customer Data Platform, is an integrated database that collects customer information from various sources, organizes it and makes it available to other systems. This allows companies to create a 360-degree view of their customers, resulting in more effective and personalized marketing strategies.

What is marketing automation?2023-10-27T11:50:36+01:00

Marketing automation refers to the technology that allows companies to automate marketing tasks and processes. This often includes campaign management, customer segmentation and lead nurturing. With marketing automation, companies can make their marketing activities more efficient, increase customer engagement and improve ROI.



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