Are you facing challenges in locating the ideal talent for Digital Marketing and Marketing Technology positions? Do you require Marketing Automation Specialists? Reach out to our experts to explore how we can help you build the necessary team through the right workforce solutions.

Flexible marketing Expertise

Flexible marketing specialists

RedCard Digital is a new Modern Online Marketing Agency staffed with marketing specialists dedicated to enhancing your business through Customer Experience, Growth Marketing, Lead Generation, Customer Engagement, and Marketing Automation. We can help you build flexible marketing teams composed of experts who are well-acquainted with your needs, your customers, and your organization.

Full service digital marketing agency

We serve marketing end-to-end. From strategy to lead generation, and from marketing automation to data, technology, and operations. We can bring an entire marketing team or just a specific skill set to your organization. We carefully recruit and screen our employees and freelancers to ensure that the work done for you meets our high-quality standards. RedCard’s clients have the assurance that their positions will be filled by highly qualified professionals, allowing them to focus on their core business with peace of mind.

How does posting through us work?

Temporary staff

Temporary employees offer an excellent solution for businesses in need of flexible labor. Whether your business experiences seasonal fluctuations or regularly takes on short-term projects, seconding temporary staff allows you to maintain optimal operations, regardless of your workload. Our extensive network of pre-screened potential temporary workers is ready to start on short notice. This enables you to scale your workforce up when necessary and down during slower periods.

RedCard is continually seeking exceptional candidates in customer experience management, lead generation, marketing automation, and technology. When you have a critical job opening, we can promptly arrange interviews with candidates we’ve personally screened and selected to match your specific requirements. Through secondment, you can ensure your business remains fully staffed, allowing you to concentrate on your core activities.

Our job profiles

Customer Experience manager

Customer Experience strategy and design

This involves Journey Mapping (Personas, Offline, Online, Needs, Jobs, Moments of Truth, Pain Points), optimizing touchpoints from Front Office to Back Office, Process, Data, and Technology.

Marketing Consultant

Developing Fresh Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

(B2C, B2B, B2B2C), Maturity assessment, Lead Generation, Lead Management, Prospect Lifecycle Management, Customer Lifecycle Management, Retention Management, Loyalty Programs, Account Based Marketing

Marketing Tools and Platform Selection

Guiding RFPs as a Subject Matter Expert, Collecting Requirements for All Tools such as Marketing Automation Tools, Customer Data Platforms, Interaction Management, Social Media Management, Voice of Customer Tools, etc.

Campaign Manager

Campaign planning and execution

All channels, Performance Management – Monitor campaign activities to agreed standards, Analyze campaign data to gain insights and adjust campaigns, Content management & creation, A/B testing marketing materials to improve results.

Campaign Development & Implementation

Campaign briefing and functional specifications

Channel Specialists

Channel management and implementation

Channel Management for Web, Social, Search, Content Management (CMS), Website Development (WordPress Specialists), Online Advertising (social, display, search (SEA), SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Marketing Automation Specialist

Campaign Development & Implementation

Segmentation – Basic, Building automation flows – Basic, Technical specifications, Segmentation – Advanced – Using SQL, Building automation flows – Advanced, Developing new templates, Integrations (API, Zapier, Tibco or other)

Marketing Automation Architect

Marketing Technology Architecture

This encompasses Technical Architectural Design, Installation and Configuration of the Marketing Automation Platform, Setting up and Configuring the Customer Data Platform, and Providing Training.