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A new home for marketing experts like you!

A home…

Are you a talented individual with an interest in Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation? Or are you a marketing expert looking for new challenges? Do you enjoy working with a great team that understands and appreciates your work? People you can learn from, or people who can learn from you? Then our Modern Marketing community is the right choice….

What’s in it for you…

You are part of a team. All gifted professionals with modern marketing skills. People with the right background in customer experience, marketing automation and technology. As an expert in an organization, you are usually only alone or sometimes with a few. As a freelancer, you are always on your own. With us you will find a true team. One where the best people can learn from those with the most expertise.

  • Learn from your peers
    Through a peer-to-peer assessment process, we help you get better at your job. Experts in the field will evaluate your work to ensure high quality, on-the-job learning. Improve your work and your market value step by step. We also host regular community events where we discuss topics in depth and mix issues with fun.
  • For professionals only
    With normal Freelance platforms, anyone can apply. We are only open to experienced professionals. We work with people we’ve worked with before, so we know the quality of the work. New people are carefully selected by those in our network so that they fit into our network. Not only from a skills perspective, but also from a people perspective. So that you feel at home.

  • Trouble-free
    We provide a hassle-free experience so you can concentrate on your work. We handle the billing and we make sure you get paid immediately, so you don’t have to wait for your money.