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Many companies run into obstacles in making the most of Salesforce Marketing Cloud. The complexity of integrations, data silos and underutilized features can lead to inefficiencies and missed opportunities. We are therefore pleased to introduce you to Kevin: as your no-nonsense Salesforce Marketing Cloud specialist, Kevin offers deep expertise and years of experience to address these challenges.

The challenges of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Kevin gets what you’re going through and knows how to find quick, effective solutions. In just 30 minutes, he can spot 2-3 key improvements you can use right away. His award-winning strategies will save you money and boost your systems’ performance.

Why use Kevin’s expertise?

With Kevin, you’ll have an expert to help you get the most out of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud. He’ll save you time and hassle by sharing his knowledge and experience. Increase your efficiency and make the most of your marketing tools with Kevin’s practical, results-driven approach.

Kevin Brown

Kevin is an industry leader with extensive qualifications, experience and numerous awards. A seasoned digital strategist with a wealth of experience spanning more than 20 years.

Kevin’s expertise is in marketing technology and the seamless integration of digital channels. He has successfully led multi-faceted teams and has a deep understanding of cutting-edge industrial software, making him a crucial contributor to digital innovation initiatives.


  • Kevin and his team won the award for Best Marketing Cloud Setup of 2023.
  • Expert in Salesforce Marketing Cloud setup, integrations, data integrations and optimization.
  • Proven track record of identifying quick wins and long-term strategies for complex challenges.
  • Demonstrated track record in troubleshooting and significantly improving user engagement through strategic insights.
  • Regular speaker at industry events and recognized thought leader

Complex data issues?

Integrating and managing data from different sources can be challenging. Salesforce Marketing Cloud requires a robust data architecture and often involves complex ETL processes. Users often struggle with data synchronization, transformation and ensuring data accuracy between different systems.

Complexity of customization and development

Adapting Salesforce Marketing Cloud to specific business needs often requires considerable technical expertise. Developing custom solutions using AMPscript, SSJS or SQL within SFMC can be complex and time-consuming, especially for teams without a strong development background.

Challenges in reporting and analysis

Although Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers several reporting tools, users often find it difficult to gain meaningful insights because of the complexity of the platform. Customizing reports and dashboards to meet specific business requirements can be labor intensive and may not always provide the detail needed.

What customers say about Kevin

Discover the experiences of Kevin’s satisfied customers and how his expertise has helped their businesses. Thanks to his in-depth knowledge and pragmatic approach, they managed to achieve impressive results.

“Our hands-on training with Kevin made Salesforce Marketing Cloud straightforward and intuitive, allowing our team to master it with ease.”

Inaya Khatri

“Kevin’s expertise transformed our data processes, making them smooth, accurate, and highly efficient.”

Peder Andersson

“Thanks to Kevin, our Salesforce Marketing Cloud user interface is now more accessible and user-friendly, speeding up our adaptation process.”

Frederik D. Roberts

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