Your Salesforce Marketing Cloud on steroids

Cloud-Relay revolutionizes your Salesforce Marketing Cloud experience by providing real-time data and external tools at your fingertips. Unlock unprecedented possibilities in your Marketing Cloud Journey Builder with Cloud-Relay.

Instant access to real-time data in your journey

With Cloud-Relay, you can access any data you need directly within your journey. Imagine having access to all the necessary information exactly when you need it. This enables a more personalized and effective marketing campaign.

Easily link with external providers

Whether you want to send a message through WhatsApp, Telegram, or Viber, Cloud-Relay allows you to effortlessly link up with a third-party and send your messages directly from your Marketing Cloud Journey Builder.

Automated content creation and notifications

Whether you’re looking to create dynamic email content with ChatGPT, keep your operations team informed about issues through Slack, or need automatic translations within your journey, Cloud-Relay makes it all achievable with just a few clicks.

Initiate one journey from another

Cloud-Relay allows you to smoothly initiate contacts from one journey into the next, eliminating the necessity for SQL or the creation of automation flows. This streamlines your campaign operations, making them simpler and more cost-effective.

Save time with templates

Using the saved templates feature, you can streamline your workflow and easily implement new journeys. This not only enhances efficiency but also elevates your marketing automation to the next level. This not only increases efficiency but also takes your marketing automation to the next level.

Improved customer interactions

Cloud-Relay gives marketing teams full control over the journey, reducing the need for technical resources like front-end and back-end development. This allows for direct connections with external sources such as the Chamber of Commerce or Lead Scores.

Join the future of automation

Experience the revolutionary capabilities of Cloud-Relay for yourself. Schedule a demo today and witness how this Salesforce Marketing Cloud can transform your marketing efforts.

Pricing to suit your needs

Whether you opt for the Professional package with 300k API calls per month or the more comprehensive Enterprise package with 500k API calls, Cloud-Relay offers flexible pricing options to meet your business requirements.

€300 p/m


Our entry-level version

  • 300k API calls per month

  • Unlimited number of templates

  • Unlimited number of Environments and variables

  • Report

  • Cancellable monthly

€540 p/m


For when you grow

  • 500k API calls per month

  • Unlimited templates

  • Unlimited number of Environments and variables

  • Report

  • Cancellable monthly

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