Drive the promotion and sales of your products and services with SimpliConnect – an all-in-one solution for Marketing and Sales. Our user-friendly CRM and Marketing software make improving your marketing and sales efforts for revenue growth a breeze. Marketing and Sales have never been easier!

All in one system

Do you have a busy schedule and struggle to find both the time and expertise to promote and sell your products and services across all channels? Discover how SimpliConnect makes this effortless for you!

With SimpliConnect’s CRM system and marketing software, you can easily manage all your sales and marketing activities. SimpliConnect centralizes all customer data and automates tasks. Just imagine: no more hassle with time-consuming manual tasks like posting on social media, sending newsletters, or prospect follow-ups. This allows you to spend more time building relationships, working on strategic projects, and brainstorming creative ideas. What could this mean for your revenue growth?

Keukentijgers has experienced rapid growth recently. As a result, we were in search of a tool that helps us stay in touch with all our contacts through email and our social channels. SimpliConnect is an affordable tool that makes this easy for us. We are also GDPR compliant since our data is located in Europe. With the excellent guidance from RedCard.Digital, we quickly integrated various tools, saving us time on a weekly basis.”

Wenda Linthorst

Increase Sales and Productivity

With a CRM system and Marketing software like SimpliConnect, you can experience a remarkable 14.5% increase in Sales productivity, meaning your team gets more done in less time! It also reduces marketing overhead by 12.2%, freeing up valuable resources.

Easy CRM for your Sales.

No more keeping customer data in Excel. All your prospect and customer data in one place in one clear CRM system. So that you never forget to follow up on a lead and everyone on the team always has the right information.

One tool for all your Marketing!

Improve your marketing with our all-in-one tool. Reach your target audience through email, social media, text messaging and more. With our software, you can organize events in no time and host webinars with just a few clicks!

Easily schedule and publish all your Social Media Posts.

Manage all posts in one place and plan ahead: just get it ready and forget about it. SimpliConnect will automatically publish or send it for you. Easily add new creatives with an out of the box Canva integration.

Fully integrated with your backend systems.

Upon implementation, we intergrate with your backend system so that all your data can be used for your Marketing & Sales activities. Consider integration with Exact Online or Moneybird, eliminating the need for manual export of data.

Save time with automation.

Automate repetitive tasks and focus on what’s important Templates and a step-by-step process assist you in creating outstanding posts, emails, and more. Simple lead follow-up automation saves you time, allowing you to concentrate on building your relationships.

Measure your success with analytics

With SimpliConnect’s analytics, you can instantly see which campaigns effective and which topics and content types engage your audience the most. This makes optimizing your messaging a breeze!

Struggling with your Marketing Strategy?

Craft your Marketing plan on a single page! Our One Page Marketing Plan incorporates all crucial elements to aid you in defining your marketing objectives, comprehending your target audience, and developing an efficient marketing strategy.

from € 12 p/m & € 2500 set-up


The best way to manage your customers

  • The easiest CRM system with Zoho Bigin CRM

  • All your customer activities on one platform

  • Sales Deals for clear sales pipeline management

  • Support tickets, customer onboarding, order delivery, contracts and more….

  • Comprehensive Reporting

  • Fully configured for you with your Data and Workflows

from €25 p/m & €2500 set-up


All your marketing activities in 1 environment

  • The easiest way to promote your services & products across all channels with Zoho Marketing Plus.

  • Social Media Management

  • Email Marketing

  • Automated campaigns

  • Surveys

  • Event management

  • Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics

  • Fully configured for you with your Brand, Data and Templates.

from € 37 p/m & € 3500 set-up

Marketing & CRM

The best of both worlds: CRM & Marketing Automation

  • Sales & Marketing has never been easier with Zoho Bigin and Marketing Plus

  • Full CRM functionality

  • Full Marketing functionality

  • All online and offline channels. Truly omni-channel!

  • Automated workflows for Marketing, Sales and more….

  • Full Reporting & comprehensive analytics

  • Fully configured for you. Your Data, Workflows, Brand & Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a long-term contract required to use SimpliConnect?2023-10-31T15:45:26+01:00

Details about contracts or commitments may vary. It is recommended that you contact us directly for specific information on agreements and terms.

I have no experience in digital marketing. So is SimpliConnect right for me?2023-10-31T15:45:05+01:00

Yes, SimpliConnect is fully configured for you. So you can get started right away. We also provide step-by-step training and guidance so that even entrepreneurs with no previous digital marketing experience can use the platform with confidence. With our monthly HealthCheck, we ensure that you receive ongoing benefits from our services.

How can SimpliConnect help increase the visibility of my small business online?2023-10-31T15:44:37+01:00

SimpliConnect provides tools for digital marketing, social media management and content creation, enabling small business owners to effectively promote their business online, reach their audience and increase their company’s footprint.

What are the costs of SimpliConnect?2023-10-31T15:44:15+01:00

SimpliConnect is available from as little as 25 per month. This makes it perfect for smaller budgets. The exact cost depends on the features chosen and the number of users .

Is SimpliConnect suitable for small businesses or startups?2023-10-31T15:41:52+01:00

Yes, SimpliConnect is designed to support both small and medium-sized businesses. With scalable solutions and customizable packages, it can be tailored specifically to the needs of small to medium-sized businesses and startups.



Engineers of Sustainable Growth: We build unique customer journeys on a foundation of technological strength, for growth that stands the test of time.

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  • Engineers of Sustainable Growth: We build unique customer journeys on a foundation of technological strength, for growth that stands the test of time.

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