Zoho Marketing Plus

Your All-in-One Marketing Platform Discover the all-in-one marketing platform that brings together organic reach, email marketing, and more. Enhance your online presence, maximize your reach, and boost your brand visibility with Zoho Marketing Plus.

The Ultimate Integrated Marketing Platform: Your Complete Solution.

With Zoho Marketing Automation, you keep close tabs on every facet of your marketing strategy. Whether it’s visitors coming from social media or through cold acquisition, you always have insight into the status and progress of each lead.

The All-in-One Marketing Platform Software Package

In the digital age, it’s essential for businesses to be present on every channel where their customers are. A single message on one platform is no longer enough to create sufficient visibility. Thanks to this marketing platform, even small and medium-sized enterprises can now enjoy advanced functionalities that were previously only available in expensive Enterprise packages. Due to its favorable pricing, Zoho Marketing Plus is perfect for both smaller and medium-sized businesses. It’s a comprehensive marketing platform that allows you to seamlessly plan and execute your marketing activities.

Why choose the Zoho marketing platform?

  • Maximum Reach: Go beyond standard marketing methods and reach your target audience across multiple channels.

  • Optimal planning: A clear calendar and planning tools, so you always have the right overview.

  • Powerful Analytics Tools: Understand the impact of your campaigns with detailed insights.

  • Marketing Automation: Personalize your marketing efforts for every customer, at every touchpoint.

  • Integrated: Fully integrated with your CRM system so you can always target the right prospects and customers.

Features and Benefits

Multichannel Marketing

Send your message where your customers are – from emails and text messages to webinars and social media. Our marketing platform supports it all, so you can deliver a consistent and effective message.

Easily plan activities

Scheduling messages and campaigns has never been easier. With a scheduling tool designed specifically for marketers, you can assign tasks on the marketing platform, track progress and collaborate on campaigns in real-time.

Clear Calendar

Zoho Marketing Plus offers an integrated calendar for managing social media and email marketing that allows teams to conveniently plan their content strategy. This calendar visualizes planned messages and campaigns for coherent communication. It makes being a continuous presence on all social media channels easier.

Personalized Marketing

Thanks to powerful segmentation and targeting, the marketing platform allows you to tailor your message to different lead and visitor profiles, which will undoubtedly lead to higher conversion rates.

Automated Communications

Automated workflows optimize marketing efficiency by automating routine processes such as lead nurturing and email campaigns. This allows marketers to focus on strategic initiatives. This technique promotes personalized communication and increases conversion rates.

All your Marketing Assets in 1 place

Store all your marketing materials in one secure and accessible location. Whether it’s documents, videos, images or presentations, you have everything you need at your fingertips.

Our Satisfied Customers

What customers say

Simpliconnect is a affordable tool that before provides that we on a professional wise, in Europe, our data have.

Through the fine guidance of RedCard.Digital had we had in short time several tools to each other connected. So save we weekly time.

The analysis features are second to none. We can now track each campaign in real time and make immediate adjustments.

This integrated marketing platform has allowed us to dramatically increase our efficiency. The tools are intuitive and the support is excellent.

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